How to Share Files and Manage Access to Oracle Cloud Storage

Oracle Cloud Object Storage is an internet-scale, high-performance storage platform that offers reliable and cost-efficient data durability. The Object Storage service can store an unlimited amount of unstructured data of any content type. In this document, we will discuss how to install NirvaShare and manage access by sharing files/folders from Oracle object storage with external users using a simple form-based authentication. NirvaShare can be installed in Linux operating system and has advanced features to integrate with external identity providers, but in this tutorial, we shall consider  a simple form-based authentication while sharing files from object storage. You can create a virtual machine in the cloud platform or on-premise.

As a prerequisite, make sure you have access to your Oracle cloud and Storage account with admin rights.

Step 1 - Installation

Log in to your Oracle cloud platform and create a virtual machine. Please refer to the below documentation on how to install NirvaShare on a Linux environment.

Step 2- Storage Configuration

After the installation of NirvaShare is complete, please refer to below documentation for storage configuration.

Step 3 - File Sharing using a Form based Authentication

To Share a folder with form based Authentication, please refer to Setup Form based Authentication.