Oilfield Equipment Provider Company addresses its File Sharing Challenge with the help of NirvaShare


This company is a leading  provider of oil field equipment, systems, services used in the drilling and production of oil,  gas and a manufacturer of turnkey solutions for global production and distribution of crude oil and natural gas and other petroleum products. With manufacturing facilities located in both Houston and India, the company designs and manufactures multiple products for the upstream and midstream segments and also offers customized engineering solutions.

Business Niche

This client company is a prominent name in the field of oilfield equipment production. The company currently has operations in five continents. It manufactures a complete line of valves, flow heads, choke and kill manifolds, standpipe manifolds, chokes, cross-over connectors, top connectors, tees and crosses, adapter spools and spacer spools, flanged connectors and threaded connectors.

Business Challenge

  • AWS S3 file storage is used by the company and they have a vast amount of data. They have a continuous need to securely share files consisting of test reports with 100+ customers located in various corners of the world.
  • But it was quite difficult to share test reports securely owing to the inability of AWS S3 cloud storage to share files. To deal with the problem, they had developed an in-house technology to share files, but it was not possible to share files securely using it and hence the technology failed to fulfil their file sharing requirements.
  • They were also looking for a software that could help them to search for a particular file or folder easily and quickly in the massive database.


  • They found out about NirvaShare and signed the deal with us after which there was no looking back. NirvaShare replaced the in-house software and streamlined their file sharing process so that they could share test reports with external users without worrying about data breach.
  • Internal staff who were using the IAM identity center as IDP for SSO and MFA also benefited from using NirvaShare as it provides multiple authentication methods such as a simple Form based authentication, SSO etc.
  • Another advantage of using NirvaShare was that the company was able to give special access permissions such as read only access, viewing access, download access etc. to their clients.
  • Furthermore, the indexing feature of NirvaShare solved their problem of searching for a file or folder in the vast pool of Amazon S3 storage data quickly and effortlessly.