Salesforce integration with external file storage.

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Salesforce Integration
With External File Storage

Share files from external file storage with Salesforce users using Nirvashare

You can now Share files from external file storage with Salesforce users and collaborate with ease because external file storage integration with Salesforce is now simplified with NirvaShare. Your Salesforce users can now access files from external storage such as AWS S3, Azure blob, Google storage, etc directly from Salesforce portal using a Single Sign-On.

The integration of Salesforce with external file storage systems allows users to access and share files stored on these platforms directly from within Salesforce. This eliminates the need to switch between different applications and makes it easier for users to collaborate and share information.


Why External Storage Integration?

By integrating Salesforce with external file storage systems, businesses can improve collaboration and streamline their workflow. This can lead to increased productivity and better customer experience especially for cross cloud access. Overall, the integration of Salesforce with external file storage systems is a powerful tool for businesses that are looking to improve their sales, customer service, and reduce storage cost.

NirvaShare enables you to share files from external file storage with Salesforce users. It supports as many as fourteen different external cloud/on-premise storage integrations such as AWS S3, Azure Blob, Google storage, Digital Ocean spaces, Linode,  Backblaze B2, Wasabi, Oracle storage and many more.

Single Sign-On Access

Users from Salesforce portal can seamlessly access files from external storage without having to worry about the access to the storage.

Users can access the shared files using Salesforce Single Sign-On. Users get to access only those files to which they have access. One of the main benefits of SSO for file sharing is increased security. With SSO, only authorized users are able to access the files, and all access is logged and monitored. 

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File/Folder level access

Share one or more files/folders from external storage directly to Salesforce users using profiles with granular access control. File permission and access are critical components of any file sharing system, as they determine who can download, upload and delete files, and what actions they can take. By properly setting up permissions and access controls, organizations can ensure that sensitive information is only accessible to authorized users, while also allowing for file sharing and collaboration.

Audit and compliance

File access such as download, upload, delete and many such events are audited for compliance purpose.  The data can be used to detect patterns of usage, identify anomalies, and track user activity. The main goal of the audit is to ensure the security and compliance of file sharing systems, detect and respond to potential security threats and ensure that files are being used in an appropriate and authorized manner

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Try It Now!

NirvaShare offers seamless integration between Salesforce and external cloud file storage types. Here is a How To Do tutorial for you to install and test. To obtain a trial key, please check here.