How to Share Files and Manage Access to MinIO Storage

MinIO offers high-performance, S3 compatible object storage.In this document, we will discuss how to use NirvaShare to share files and manage access to MinIO storage with external users using a simple form-based authentication. NirvaShare can be installed in Linux operating system and has advanced features to integrate with external identity providers, but in this tutorial, we shall consider Linux Ubuntu operating system with a simple form-based authentication while sharing files from object storage. You can create a virtual machine in any of the cloud platforms or on-premise.


Before sharing files from MinIO storage, please install NirvaShare in your system environment by referring to below documentation.

Storage Configuration

To share file/folder from MinIO storage using Form based authentication you will have to configure the storage in NirvaShare. The detailed procedure for which is available in the below document.

Form based Authentication

NirvaShare supports many types of authentication methods and in the tutorial, we will use a Form based Authentication. Please refer to below documentation to create a login profile .


After the above procedure is completed, it is now possible to share files using Form based authentication from MinIO object storage. To do this, let us create a folder Share. Please refer the below document to create a new Share from Storage. During the course of this Share configuration, make sure to select the login profile that we created in the above section. You can also create one or more shares and assign the same login profile.


  • Copy the Shareable Link from the shares.
  • Open the link in browser tab. This will redirect to Form based authentication.
  • After the authentication, you should be able to access Shares assigned to the login profile.
  • This is link that can be emailed or shared to your users.