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Yes, it is possible to share files to any user with just an email id using OTP. You can also make sure to let only legitimate users to access by configuring only specific email ids or the domain pattern.

Yes, any folder or single file can be shared to users. Each share can have access rights.

Yes, same file/folder can be shared to different users with different access rights.

Every action from users are audited and audit reports are available to track user events like file download, delete, view, etc.

Yes, very much. In addition to cloud environment,the software can also be deployed on-premise with Linux environment.

NirvaShare can work with multiple external identity stores such as AWS SSO, Okta, G-suite, Active Directory, Salesforce, etc. If you require integration with any other identity stores, please let us know, we can help you configure.

NirvaShare does not store any file content, your files will reside at your cloud or on-premise storage completely secure.

Data traffic goes through SSL and sensitive information such as password, access keys are encrypted at rest based on latest industry standards. NirvaShare architecture is built by industry experts having decades of experience in security domain.

Yes, by default admin console has inbuilt user store, additionally it can also be configured to use your existing corporate or any third party identity stores.

While sharing files to users, setting a public access lets anyone having the url link to access files and perform operations based given access.

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NirvaShare can be installed across cloud platforms or on-premise environments, we have partnered with cloud platforms to facilitate our customers for easy one-click installs depending on their choice of a cloud platform. Please visit the homepage for more details.

Please visit our blogs for more information about the installation, configuration, and other capabilities. CLICK HERE

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