Israel’s Virtual Switchboard Firm made use of NirvaShare for Efficient Media Sharing with it's Customers


Our client based in Israel, offers the largest and most advanced range of virtual switchboards. Along with the rich functionality associated with the device, the company also specializes in building customized modules according to the business needs of the client.

Business Niche

The company offers a good range of high quality and effective virtual switchboards which are essential for cloud communication as they facilitate reliable communication between employees, customers and suppliers. These devices are invariably used in various forms of businesses such as companies and organizations, multi-branch businesses, call centers etc.

Business Challenge

  • The company makes use of Wasabi cloud storage and it has thousands of media files comprising audio data which has to be shared with customers on a regular basis.
  • They had a legacy software to tackle it, but it did not meet the security and performance needs.
  • They were looking for a system that would enable their customers to download the shared files in a secure and password protected way.
  • Customers should be able to search and download the shared media files as a zip file with a large set of files including sub folders in an efficient way.
  • Internal staff of the company managing the shares will use SSO with Google workspace to login using the Admin console.


  • They started using NirvaShare and were able to effortlessly share folders/files from Wasabi Cloud storage.
  • To enhance the security, they further made use of the simple Form Based Authentication process in NirvaShare.
  • Customers were able to easily download the shared files in a zip format along with the folder structure.
  • Another prominent feature of NirvaShare is that, the company staff can choose to share only a certain part of the storage with various users that allow read only access such as download and viewing access.