Global Financial Service Provider is Making Use of NirvaShare for Safe Customer Access to it's Object Storage.


Our client based in Belgium  having operations all across the world provides compliance and payment solutions for the Financial Services sector. They specialize in end to end payment systems thereby helping financial institutions in operating more efficiently and economically with thorough screening, monitoring, analysis, and reporting, along with state-of-the-art consultancy and customer support. It has a rich clientele comprising of more than 270 corporate and financial institutions including 11 of the top 50 banks in the world.

Business Niche

The company is renowned as a trusted worldwide vendor of compliance and payment solutions in the realm of financial services. It has remained a trustworthy provider for the past 35 years.

Business Challenge

  • Financial transactions require the utmost security as these crimes are rampant in online transactions.This company needs to share files consisting of bug reports on a daily basis with its clients located across the globe.
  • It makes use of Azure Blob cloud storage to store its huge volume of data.It faced an ongoing challenge of sharing files securely with its customers as it is not possible to share files easily from Azure blob storage.
  • They were looking for a software that can offer simple and secure file sharing  and also keep them up to date with compliance data.
  • They wanted their customers to access the file shares using a simple username and password.
  • Internal staff of the company were already using the Active Directory which requires integration with file sharing software.


  • They started using NirvaShare,and are now able to share files consisting of bug reports securely without any glitches in a downloadable zip format with their clients.
  • For securing the file sharing process, they make use of the basic authentication mechanism available in NirvaShare which involves entering a username and password while accessing the shares.
  • NirvaShare has a special audit feature using which the company could monitor and get compliance reports on a regular basis.
  • Internal staff could login to Admin Console of NirvaShare using their Active Directory account to manage the shares and access permissions of files.