Enterprise Secure File Sharing of Cloud Object Storage

Share and Collaborate Cloud Object Storage such as AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, DigitalOcean Spaces, Azure Blobs, MinIO, etc in a most simplified way.

Supports a variety of authentication options while sharing files such as Federated SSO (SAML2), Basic, Form, and OTP based.

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What is NirvaShare?

A simplified secure enterprise level file sharing solution on top of your existing object storage such as  AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, Azure Blob, DigitalOcean space, Linode objects, E2E Cloud, etc. Share and collaborate files with your customers, employees, partners, vendors, etc with fine access control and security in place.

Easy integration with any of your existing identity providers such as Active Directory, GSuite, AWS SSO, KeyCloak, etc.

Why NirvaShare?

Why Use NirvaShare?

At times, when external identities such as customers, partners, etc who are not part of your organization identity store do bring up a challenge in sharing and collaborating files securely. This is where NirvaShare can take care of dealing with access, security and compliance while sharing cloud storage files with external users.

Platform Partners

Partnered with cloud marketplace for easy deployment.

Microsoft Azure Platform

DigitalOcean Cloud Platform

DO Cloud Platform

E2E Cloud Platform

Linode Cloud Platform

Linode Cloud Platform

Vultr Cloud Platform

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SAML2 Compliant And Multiple Authentication

Supports authentication like Form, Basic, OTP, and SAML Federation. Easily integrates with multiple identity providers such as AWS SSO, Azure Active Directory, Okta  Salesforce, G Suite, etc

Multiple Authentication
Document copy protection

Document Copy Protection​

Shared documents can be protected from the content being copied or redistributed. A unique feature that helps to make sure end-user only view or read the document without being able to download or copy the content.

Sandbox Testing

Get a first-hand experience of NirvaShare offerings. We can provide quick access to our sandbox environment to test and experience the product before you make a purchase decision. To get access to a new instance from our multi-tenant cloud, please contact us here.

Sandbox Testing


Light in Size and Cost

Our offering is the most cost-effective in the market. Uses microservice architecture for easy scaling from smaller to bigger stages.

Digital Signature and Copy Protection

Share documents with copy protection and document signing.


Compliance is a key, audit every action, - who did what, when and from where for governance and security needs.


While sharing files, users see only what is shared to them with customer brand.


Uses the highest industry standard cryptography and is SAML compliant. Encryption, access control, and IP white listing for better security.

Adoption to Cloud Environment

Dockerized images with easy deployment across cloud vendors such AWS, DigitalOcean, Linode, Heroku, etc


Can integrate with one or more Identity providers with a simple to-setup theme.

Simple and Easy to Use

Simplified user experience. Easy deployment with minimised system requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How to share files to external users?​

External identity providers can be easily integrated while sharing files with external users. Alternatively, a simple form or OTP based authentication can also be used.

How to install NirvaShare?

NirvaShare can be installed in any of the cloud platforms or on-premise of your choice. Please refer to the Blogs.

What do FREE edition support?

The free edition supports file sharing across all types of storage but is limited to a number of shares and authentication profiles such as Basic, Form, and OTP-based.

Does it work only with Docker?

Presently, our installation document refers to the docker way of installation, but however you can also install on a non-docker environment, you can contact us for more detail.

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