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On-Premise Installation

NirvaShare can be installed in Linux or Windows environment. In this document, we will discuss how to install it in a Linux environment. Make sure, you have the below system configuration.

  • Operating System – Ubuntu 20.04
  • Minumum of 2 core CPU
  • Minumum of 2 GB RAM
  • Minumum of 20GB storge space.

A single install script is available, that will install Docker, Docker-Compose, Postgre database, NirvaShare applications and create the required database schema. Run the below command, which will automatically install everything.

sudo su root
curl -s -o && bash && rm

Above command will prompt you to enter database password, once provided, it will proceed and complete the installation in few minutes.


After successful deployment, open the URL  -> http://(your ip):8080

Note: Please wait at least 3-4 minutes as it will take some time to create schema and startup the servers.

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