How to Share File/Folder and Manage Access to Wasabi Storage

How to Share File/Folder and Manage Access to Wasabi Storage

Wasabi is a cloud platform that provides object storage space for companies to store a large number of files. The biggest challenge when it comes to object storages is with respect to file or folder sharing. NirvaShare, a secure file sharing platform addresses this challenge effectively. In this document, we will discuss the method to configure and share files from Wasabi storage using NirvaShare file sharing and share file/folder efficiently with users.


Installing NirvaShare in your system environment is one of the prerequisites for sharing files or folders from Wasabi object storage. The following document provides a detailed procedure for the same.

Wasabi Storage Configuration

The next important step is the configuration of Wasabi storage using Form based authentication in NirvaShare which is essential for file sharing. You can follow the below link to know about the steps.

Form based Authentication

NirvaShare supports numerous authentication methods and in this tutorial, we are using basic Form based Authentication. Please refer to below documentation to create a login profile.


After the above steps are completed, it is possible to share files using Form based authentication from Wasabi object storage. To begin sharing, initially you should create a folder Share. Please refer the below document to create a new Share from Storage. During the process of this Share configuration, make sure to select the login profile that was created in the above section. The same login profile can be assigned for one or multiple shares. 


  • To verify file sharing, Copy the Shareable Link from the shares.
  • Open the link in browser tab. This will redirect to Form based authentication.
  • After the authentication, you should be able to access Shares assigned to the login profile.
  • This link can be emailed or shared to your users.