Secure Access and SSO for File Object Storage like AWS S3, Azure Blob, DigitalOcean, etc

Object Storage and Access

Object storage like AWS S3, Azure Blob, DigitalOcean spaces, etc. allows enterprises to store large amounts of data. One of the common way to share and collaborate files from the storage is by using a pre-signed URL against each file. 

Sharing a large number of files using pre-signed URL becomes tedious and unmanageable especially when multiple users are involved for collaboration.

From a security perspective, it is very essential to govern restrictive access to users depending on the needed permissions. This has been a common challenge faced by storage administrators.

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Secure access of File Object storage 2.1

Secure Access and Permissions

In an organization there is always a need for sharing files or folders with internal or external users from a corporate based centralized storage be it cloud or on-premise.

Internal users include employees, contractors, etc. and external users can include partners, customers, etc. Sharing and collaborating files or folders with permissions to allow download, upload, view, delete, etc becomes equally important to control the access on the file storage along with the ability to monitor audit events.


Having audit records and email alerts to track user actions like upload, download or delete will help corporate to have a real time eye on the storage for better security. 

While having better restrictive access, it is also important to let administrator choose the method of authentication for the users depending on the business needs. Authentication mechanisms can include simple Form-based, one time password, single Sign-On or multi-factor authentication systems.

SSO Using Existing Identity Provider

Most organizations do have their own vendor specific identity providers to provide SSO access to their resources with employees such as Google workspace, ActiveDirectory, Okta, IAM Identity Center, etc.

SSO allows a user to access many applications with a single credential. It relieves us from the pain of remembering many passwords. 

Granting access to AWS S3 storage with a SSO of an existing identity provider empowers organizations to leverage their existing infrastructure and adhere to security policies.

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Secure access of File Object storage 3.1

Control Access to Object Storage Files Using SSO

NirvaShare helps organizations to secure, manage and collaborate their object storage files like AWS S3, Azure Blob, etc. in a simplified manner. In-built with fine access control on file storage and provides variety of authentication mechanisms to users while accessing the shares. It is capable of integrating with multiple identity providers such as ActiveDirectory, Salesforce, IAM Identity Center, etc.


Technically, most of the identity providers can be integrated with NirvaShare for SSO that supports SAML. Please check below documentation for some of the identity provider integrations to enable SSO for your object storage.  For more on related topics, check the documentation HERE

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