Share Azure Blob/Files with form based password protection using NirvaShare

Sharing an ‘Azure Blob/File storage’  with external users may come as a need for business purposes. When it comes to Azure Blob containers/Files, granting access to external users at the file or folder level is not an easy task. One of the simplest ways is by creating a SAS URL against each file and sharing the link with a certain access time period, but this does not address all security aspects with respect to access and governance. Let us look into how NirvaShare can address this.

In this blog, we will talk about how to share a specific file or folder of the Azure Blob container to an external user and set authentication with username and password using NirvaShare. The steps or process remains the same for both Azure Blob and Azure File Shares – storage types. Make sure you have NirvaShare set up in your cloud environment. For quick installation, please refer to Quick Installation Guide

Azure access keys

Before you could begin to configure NirvaShare, it is essential to get the access keys.

To generate access keys, login to your Azure cloud platform and select the storage account. 
Within the storage account, click on ‘Access Keys” tab as shown below.

Make a note of the connection string, this is required while configuring storage in AdminConsole of NirvaShare.


Next step is to configure and share a file/folder. Please follow setup guide.

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