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How to Reset Forgotten Password for Admin User

There is no UI-based password reset functionality provided with the default user store. In most production deployments, it is recommended to integrate with external Identity Providers such as Active Directory, Okta, KeyCloak, etc which in turn supports having better password management policies.

However, with the default user store, to reset the admin password, you will be required to log in to the machine using SSH.

  • Login to your server machine using SSH as root or sudo user.
  • Go into folder /var/nirvashare
  • Create an empty file override_password
  • To create an empty file run the below command.
touch /var/nirvashare/override_password

  • This will make AdminConsole to let you login with default credentials.
  • Login to AdminConsole using default credentials as admin/admin
  • After logging in, change the password. Henceforth, you can use the newly set password for admin login.
  • Make sure, you DELETE the file /var/nirvashare/override_password