How to Share AWS S3 Files and Folders with External Users Using NirvaShare

Sharing a file or folder from AWS S3 storage with external users is one of the common use cases across industries for business purposes. When it comes to files in S3, it brings up challenges with respect to security aspects such as granting proper access to users, authentication and authorization. With NirvaShare, it is pretty easy to configure and share files with just a few clicks. In this document, we will look at how to configure NirvaShare with AWS S3 storage and share files to external users using a simple Form-based authentication.

How to share AWS S3 files and folders with external users using NirvaShare


In order to be able to share files securely using NirvaShare, you should initially install the software in your system environment either manually or from market place, the links for which are given below.

Storage Configuration

The next step involves configuring storage which can be performed using either of the two methods.

Login Profile for Form based Authentication

In order to share files securely, in this step we provide information on creating a simple Form based Login Profile using which you can share file/folder with password protection. The following link will help you to do the same.


At this instance, we can start sharing files/folders. To do this, we have to create a folder Share and enable Form based authentication. Refer to the document below to create a new Share from Storage. While performing a Share, please select the login profile you created in the above section. The same login profile can be utilized to create multiple shares as well.


  • Copy the Shareable Link¬†from the Shares in NirvaShare Admin Console.
  • Open the link in browser tab. This will redirect to Form based authentication login profile.
  • After the authentication, you will be able to access Shares assigned to the login profile.