How to facilitate Sharing Files from Backblaze B2 Storage

Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage is a cloud service that is tailor made for storing huge data in the cloud. In this document, we will discuss the procedure to install NirvaShare for sharing files/folders from Backblaze B2 object storage with external users using a simple form-based authentication. NirvaShare can be installed in Linux operating system and has advanced features to integrate with external identity providers. In this tutorial, we shall consider configuring NirvaShare with a simple Form-based authentication to facilitate sharing of files from the object storage. You can create a virtual machine in any of the cloud platforms or on-premise.

As a prerequisite, make sure you have access to Backblaze B2 Storage account and for a new account sign up HERE.


Make sure you have a virtual machine in any of the cloud platforms or on-premise having operating system with Linux Ubuntu 20.04. Refer to the below documentation to install NirvaShare in order to share files on a Ubuntu box.

Storage Configuration

The next step comprises of configuring Backblaze B2 storage using Form based authentication which is required for file sharing. You can refer to the stepwise procedure in the following document for the same.

Form based Authentication

For utmost safety during the process of file sharing, NirvaShare offers multiple authentication methods. In the below tutorial, you can find the procedure to create a login profile using a simple Form based authentication.


After the above procedure is completed, you can share files using Form based authentication from Backblaze B2 object storage. To commence with file sharing, initially you should create a folder Share. Please refer the below document to create a new Share from Storage. During the process of this Share configuration, please select the login profile that was created in the above section. The same login profile can be assigned for one or multiple shares. 


  • For verifying the above procedure pertaining to file sharing, Copy the Shareable Link from the shares.
  • Open the link in browser tab. This will redirect to Form based authentication.
  • Once the authentication is effective, you should be able to access Shares assigned to the login profile.
  • This link can be emailed or shared with your users.