How to Share File/Folder from Digital Ocean and Collaborate Object Storage

Share and collaborate files/folders of your existing Digital Ocean object storage with internal and external users such as customers, partners, employees, etc.  with fine access control. You can easily integrate and share file/folder from Digital Ocean with any of your existing identity providers such as Active Directory, Google Workspace, IAM Identity Center, Key Cloak, etc.


As  a prerequisite for Digital Ocean file storage sharing ensure that:

NirvaShare is installed in your system environment  either manually or from Market Place.

Storage and NirvaShare Configuration

In order to configure both Storage and NirvaShare for sharing file/folder from Digital Ocean using a Form based authentication, please refer to the document below.

Form based Authentication

To Share a folder/file using Form based Authentication, please refer the document Form based Authentication.


At this stage, we are good to share files using Form based authentication with Digital Ocean object storage spaces. For this, let us create a folder Share. Please refer the below document to create a new Share from Storage. During the course of this Share configuration, make sure to select the login profile that we created in the above section. You can also create one or more shares and assign the same login profile.


  • To verify file sharing , visit NirvaShare Admin Console and right click on the login profile that was created earlier. Now select Copy Shareable Link.
  • Open the link in browser tab. This will redirect the user to Form based authentication.
  • After the authentication, you should be able to access Shares assigned to the login profile.