How to share and collaborate object storage from E2E cloud

Installation of NirvaShare on E2E Cloud platform

Share and collaborate files/folders of your existing E2E object storage with internal and external users such as customers, partners, employees, etc with fine access control. Easy integration with any of your existing identity providers such as Active Directory, GSuite, AWS SSO, KeyClock, etc.
The FREE edition supports authentication such as Basic, Form and OTP  while sharing files.

Installation steps

Login to your E2E Cloud console and create a new compute node with Ubuntu-20.04 operating system. NirvaShare can run on as low as 2GB RAM, hence select a node configuration anything above that. After node comes up, ssh to the node and login as [email protected] In the ssh console, run below command to start the installation.
Note – it is a single one line command.

sudo curl -s -o && bash && rm

Above command will prompt you to enter database password, once provided, it will proceed and complete the installation within a minute or two.

Storage Keys

As a prerequisite, you will require access and secret key generated from E2E cloud object storage to proceed with further configuration. To generate a new keys, please login to your cloud console and follow below steps.

  • Under the Storage left menu, select  Object Storage 
  • Click on Manage Access Keys at right top corner.
  • Click on Create access key section, click on Generate New Key and provide any name.
  • This will generate a new Access and Secret keys, please copy this and keep it as it will be required during storage configuration in NirvaShare Admin Console.
  • During the configuration process, you will also require end point URL, please use below one.


Next step is to configure and share a file/folder. Please follow setup guide.

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