How to share and collaborate object storage from Vultr Cloud

How to Share and Collaborate Object Storage from Vultr Cloud

Share and collaborate files from Vultr cloud storage with internal and external users such as customers, partners, employees, etc. with superior access control using NirvaShare. The software can be easily integrated with any of the existing identity providers such as Active Directory, Google Workspace, IAM Identity Center, Key Cloak, etc. In this blog, we will discuss how to install and configure NirvaShare to share files or folders with simple Form-based authentication.


The first step to consider in order to share files from Vultr includes installation of NirvaShare in your system environment either manually or from marketplace.

In order to share and collaborate object storage files from Vultr Cloud,  you will require access and secret keys obtained from Vultr cloud platform for object storage to proceed with further configuration. To create the same you can refer the below document.

Login Profile for Form based Authentication

To password protect a shared File/Folder and to share files securely, a login profile should be created which will enable authentication for the shares. In this document, we will create a simple Form based login profile (Single User) and for the steps refer to below documentation.

Sharing a File/Folder

After the creation of a Login Profile, we can start sharing files/folders with a user. Multiple Shares can also be created for the same login profile.To do this, let us create a Share for a folder that you like to share with the user. Please refer to the below document to know the steps to create a new share for a file/folder, associate it to a login profile, and share the same with the user. During the configuration, for the authentication, please select the login profile that we created from the above section.


  • Copy the Shareable Link from the shares.
  • Open the link in browser tab. This will redirect to Form based authentication.
  • After the authentication, you should be able to access Shares assigned to the login profile.
  • This link can be emailed or shared with your users.