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How to Share Files from Azure Blob Storage with External Users Using Password Protection

Enterprise organizations usually have to share files with external users from cloud storages like Azure Blob on a regular basis which is quite challenging. NirvaShare, a secure file sharing and access management platform makes this process easier. This document provides a detailed guide to help you in sharing files using NirvaShare securely. The steps or process remains the same for both Azure Blob and Azure File Shares – storage types.


In order to share files, you should initially make sure that NirvaShare is installed in your system environment. This can be done using either of the two methods.

Storage Configuration

The next step comprises of configuring Azure Blob storage for providing secure access using Form based authentication which is essential for file sharing. Please refer to below documentation for the same.

Form based Authentication

 NirvaShare supports various  authentication methods in order for the file sharing process to be smooth and secure. In the below documentation, you can find the procedure to create a login profile using a simple Form based authentication that requires a username and a password


After the completion of the above procedure, it is now possible to share files using Form based authentication from Azure Blob object storage. To do this, let us create a folder Share. Please refer the below document to create a new Share from Storage. During the course of this Share configuration, make sure to select the login profile that we created in the above section. You can also create one or more shares and assign the same login profile.


  • Copy the Shareable Link from the shares.
  • Open the link in browser tab. This will redirect to Form based authentication.
  • After the authentication, you should be able to access Shares assigned to the login profile.
  • This is link that can be emailed or shared to your users.
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