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How to Share and Manage File Access from AWS S3, Azure Blob with Salesforce Users

Salesforce being the world’s most trusted customer relationship management (CRM) platform  on cloud. In this document, we will discuss on how NirvaShare can be used for secure file sharing and collaboration from object storage such as AWS S3, Azure Blob, DigitalOcean spaces, etc with Salesforce users. Fine level of file read/write access can be given to Salesforce users with files and folders seamlessly using a Single Sign -On.


As  prerequisites make sure you have following.

  • NirvaShare is installed either on cloud or on-premise. You can also directly install from any Marketplace, check HERE
  • Configure the Storage and User Application URL . For more information refer to HERE
  • Make sure proper domain name and SSL certificate is configured for Admin Console and User App.
  • You will require access to your Salesforce as console administrator.

Note: For more information or in case if you require support, please contact us HERE


  • Login to AdminConsole of NirvaShare as administrator.
  • From the left menu, click on Login Profiles.
  • Create a new Login Profile by clicking on CREATE button from top right corner.
  • Provide a title and for the authentication, select External Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Save it by clicking on CREATE button.
  • Edit the newly created login profile.
  • Click on the Saml SP metadata URL
Admin share
  • Open SAML SP metadata URL
  • Copy the content into a text editor. This content will be required during configuration explained in further section.
https files nirvashare com saml 1gq59osmsejj7xp metadata

Salesforce Configuration

We need to create a enterprise application on Salesforce to integrate with NirvaShare:

For more information on connected apps, please refer to HERE

App Manager Salesforce 2
  • On the top Right menu, click on New connected App
  •  Provide a name as nirvashare along with your email ID  and click on Create
nirvashare create connected app 1
  • After creating the app, go to Web App Settings
Screenshot from 2022 11 24 12 20 21
  • We need to enable SAML, enter the start URL, Entity Id, ACS URL of NirvaShare. These information can be found from the XML metadata content obtained from Login Profile of NirvaShare based on steps in previous section.
meta salesforce download
  • Download the Salesforce Metadata XML file from SAML Signing Certificate section. Save it in to your local file 
  • This file content will be required while configuring Login Profile in NirvaShare Admin Console.
  • To assign users to this connected app, either use existing Salesforce profile or create a new one and assign the profile to connected app.
  • To assign the profile to the connected app, click on Managed Connected App > Manage Profiles > Application Profile Assignment
connected apps manage profiles
  • Login to NirvaShare Admin Console and edit the Login Profile that was created based the steps from previous section.
  • Copy paste the Salesforce metadata file content from from previous steps in to the textarea of External IDP SAML Metadata and update authentication.
final metadata loading

Sharing File/Folder

Once the configuration is completed based on above sections, it is now good to share a file/folder with Salesforce users using SSO.

To share and collaborate files with Salesforce users, check HERE for information on creating Shares. During the configuration, make sure you select the Login Profile that were created based on steps mentioned in this document.