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SSL and Domain Names

After successful installation, File/Folder Shares can be tested without domain name and SSL certificates but however for production, you will require one.

Domain Names

NirvaShare requires two domains, one for admin console app and the other one for user facing share service app or user app. It would be better to have two sub domains something like below. You can use any name of your choice.


Note: NirvaShare services of Admin console uses port 8080 and user app uses port 8081

SSL Certificates

For a certificate, make sure to pick one of the below approach.

  • Obtain CA certificate for your domain from external authority.
  • Use certbot with LetsEncrypt for free certificate.

Since there are multiple ways to configure SSL, chose any one of the option from the following.

Option 1
Use Nginx Proxy Manager service. This is pretty easy to configure and for steps, please refer to SSL with Nginx Proxy Manager

Option 2
Using load balancer. Depending on the cloud platform, you can configure load balancer to have domain and SSL certificates. Refer to respective cloud platform documentation for more information. Below is the documentation for SSL in AWS

Option 3
There are many other means of configuring SSL using servers like Apache2, Jetty, etc. Please check respective websites for more information.

Further any help or support needed in configuration, please contact us at HERE, we will be happy to assist you.