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Installing FTPS Service

It is possible to share files using the FTPS feature after installing FTPS in NirvaShare. The installation can be performed using a single install script. Once you run the script mentioned below, it will  install the FTPS service along with required database schema automatically.

  • Login to the Linux machine where NirvaShare is installed using SSH.
  • Make sure you have root or sudo access to run the below commands.
sudo su root
sudo curl -L "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nirvashare/nirvashare/main/docker/common/install-ftps.yml" -o /var/nirvashare/install-ftps.yml

docker-compose -f /var/nirvashare/install-ftps.yml up -d

The above command will install and integrates FTPS service in NirvaShare.

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