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Installing FTPS Service

FTPS service enables admin to share files or folders with users. This document explains on how to install FTPS service in NirvaShare. The installation can be performed using a single install script. Once you run the script mentioned below, it will  install the FTPS service along with the required database schema automatically.

  • Login to the Linux machine where NirvaShare is installed using SSH.
  • Make sure you have root or sudo access to run the below commands.
sudo su root
curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nirvashare/nirvashare/main/linux/ubuntu/install_ftps.sh -o ns_install.sh && bash ns_install.sh && rm -f ns_install.sh

The above commands will install and integrate FTPS service in NirvaShare.

Make sure following port and port range is open for access.

  • Default FTP Port – 21
  • Port Range – 65000-65025
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