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One-time Password Based Authentication (OTP)

In this document, we will look into the steps for creating a login profile for One-time Password based authentication that will prompt the user to enter a legitimate email address while accessing the shares. An access token will be emailed to the user, provided the user is entitled to access the share.

Login Profile

Follow the below steps to create a new OTP based login profile.

  • Click on Login Profiles from the left menu of the Admin Console.
  • Click on CREATE button from the top right corner.
  • Provide a name for title.
  • For the Authentication, select One-time Password (OTP).
  • Provide one or more email addresses separated by a comma. These are the email addresses that are entitled to receive an OTP token while accessing the share.
  • Click on CREATE.

Note – To restrict access to only certain white listed IP address or a range, please refer to Access Restriction with IP Address.

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