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Login Profile - External Identity Provider or SSO

In this document, we will look into how to create a login profile to enable authentication using an external identity provider such as ActiveDirectory, IAM identity center, Okta, etc. Further configurations will be required to be done at identity provider side and refer to relevant documentation for the same.

Login Profile

Follow the below steps to create a new login profile for external identity provider.

  • Login to Admin Console as as administrator.
  • Click on Login Profiles from the left menu of Admin Console.
  • Click on CREATE button from the top right corner.
  • Provide a name for title.
  • For the Authentication, select External Single Sign On (SSO) and click on CREATE AUTHENTICATION.
loginprofile sso

SAML Metadata

For external identity provider integration, you will require SAML metadata from the login profile of NiraShare. To obtain the SAML metadata for the newly created login profile, follow the below steps.

  • Edit the login profile.
  • Click on the metadata URL link to view the SAML metadata.
  • This will open a new tab in the browser have the XML metadata content.
  • This metadata content of NirvaShare will be required to configure the external identity provider and please save this file locally for further reference.
edit loginprofile sso 1

Note – Later stage, you will also require SAML metadata from identity provider and content of the same have to be pasted in the textbox and save the login profile.

ACS and Entity Id/Metadata URL

In most cases, while configuring the identity provider, you can directly upload NirvaShare SAML metadata file that we obtained in previous section, but however with certain identity providers, instead of metadata file, you may require  ACS and metadata URL  In those cases, follow below steps to  obtain those URL information.

  • Open NirvaShare metadata URL in a browser based on the steps mentioned in previous section.
  • From the XML content, you can get the ACS and Entity Id URL as highlighted in below images.
Screenshot 2021 09 16 191611
Screenshot 2021 09 16 191927