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Admin Roles

Roles in NirvaShare are applicable only to Admin users and the access rights for each of delegated admin user is defined using roles. Only super admin user can have access to mange roles.

By default there two system generated roles which cannot be deleted.

  • Super Admin Role – This role has full access and cannot be edited or deleted.
  • Default Role – This is the default role that is automatically selected when creating the delegated admin user. This role can be edited to change the default access rights but cannot be deleted.


Create Role

To create new user, click on CREATE button on top right corner.

  • Provide a name and select other access rights.
  • In addition to other access rights, you can also restrict access to storage root bucket/container level.
  • Click on CREATE

The role can be anytime edited to change the access rights. The changes will be reflected to all delegated admin users using this role.

  • Access Settings – In this the admin user can be given access to manage the audits, manage the login profiles, manage the shares and full access. Full access means, a super admin access.
  • Folder Access – Here the admin user can restrict or allow to delete, upload, create, download file and folder 
  • Root Bucket/Container Access – the Admin users can be given access to manage specific root folders, thereby admin user will have access only those allowed root folders to perform administrative operations.

If you don’t set any folders, all root folders will be given access to the users belonging to this role.

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