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Admin Console Server Not coming Up Due to Database Lock

Admin Console does not start up and the error log  will have below errors. To get the error log, check HERE

Behavior and Error messages

Invocation of init method failed;
LockException: Could not acquire change log lock.  Currently locked by 


This happens when the server is restarted or shut down manually while the schema initialization is in progress. This is a rare scenario that occurs when the database is in a locked condition.


  • In the SSH to Linux terminal where NirvaShare is installed, create a file with the below path and filename. Make sure you login as root user. In case if you already have this file in that location, please edit the same to add the entry.
  • Add the below entry in to the file and save it.
  • Restart Admin Console service using below command
docker restart nirvashare_admin
  • After Admin Console starts successfully, please delete the entry in the file and once again restart the Admin Console.
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