Belgian Edutech Firm Overcomes Cloud File Sharing Challenge with the Help of NirvaShare


The unique Belgian Global Union Federation represents organizations of teachers and other education employees. It is working towards transforming the educational sector by offering a global platform for teachers, trade unionists, activists and academic staff to share their views on the issues affecting the education community and is empowering them to bring about changes by connecting teachers from across the world. It currently consists of 383 member organizations and represents more than 32 million teachers and educational support staff in 178 countries and territories.

Business Niche

Our client is a global federation  of teachers and other education sector employees based in Belgium. It acts as a global voice that champions free, high quality and publicly funded education for each student in every country. It also represents and promotes the interests of teachers and education support personnel at an international level and supports various other education related causes.

Business Challenge

  • The company makes use of Azure Cloud File storage to store its huge volume of  files and they have to share these files/folders pertaining to campaigns and communications securely with their users spread all across the globe.
  • They encountered a challenge while sharing files/folders securely from their cloud storage.
  • Also, they were finding it difficult to track user analytics such as login, logout, file download etc. They were looking for a software that offered robust security, seamless compliance and which could make cloud file sharing effortless.


  • NirvaShare offered the ideal solution with its SSO and Multi factor authentication mechanisms through its admin console wherein internal users who use active directory with SSO were able to share files effortlessly.
  • With the help of NirvaShare, selective sharing of storage was possible and internal staff could provide limited access to clients such as read only access, viewing access etc.
  • Company staff could share large files without much hassle and were able to make use of the various authentication methods such as Form based authentication, SSO,  etc. to share files with external users in a secure and simplistic manner.
  • The Audit feature of NirvaShare is quite useful in tracking users for compliance purposes. Admins can keep track of audit logs by getting a detailed report through email or by incorporating a syslog server.