How NirvaShare Helped a Thriving UK based Advertising Firm With Its Cloud File Sharing Challenge


A pioneer in the field of advertising and marketing, this leading company in the UK provides a complete advertising package pertaining to event management,brand management, creative artwork design, digital content,digital signage etc. It is Europe’s largest privately owned point of sale provider serving a huge customer base.

Business Niche

The company, based in the UK provides the best advertising services in the whole of Europe. It has a vast clientele and the company offers a diverse range of services whose combination altogether can help clients to achieve their business objectives. They cover all life cycle touch points from campaign strategy through to global deployment

Business Challenge

  • The company faced a challenge with its massive storage of 190+ TB of file storage especially when it came to sharing files or folders securely with its customers.
  • For better maintenance, the storage was migrated from the local file system to cloud based Wasabi storage, which led to the challenge of providing secure access.
  • The organization was looking for an access management solution to provide secure access to its massive storage for its customers and internal staff with proper access controls, without granting access to third parties.
  • They were looking for a system that would enable their customers to search and download the shared files without consuming much time.
  • Internal staff already part of Active Directory user store would manage the access to  storage using SSO and MFA.


  • NirvaShare helped immensely to deal with the challenges with its simple and effective file sharing solution.
  • Using NirvaShare, it was possible to provide SSO with Multi Factor authentication mechanisms for admins to login and manage access to storage using Active directory integration. Admins were already part of the existing Active directory identity store in the organization.
  • It became possible to choose to share a certain part of the storage with various users that allows read only access, download access, viewing access etc. depending on their roles and responsibilities.
  • Users were able login using SSO and were able to download one or more files in zip format along with folder structure. Additionally, the organizational staff were able to assign other authentication methods such as Form based authentication, OTP and could also share files using FTPS depending on the client and their usage.
  • The Indexing feature of NirvaShare can enable customers to search for a particular file or folder quickly and effortlessly in the storage which is another prominent feature. The initial indexing of 7 million files took less than an hour.