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How Nirvashare makes it easier to search for files in AWS S3


If one thinks of a robust and highly efficient data storage service in this day and age, the first thing that pops up in their mind is Amazon simple storage service or Amazon S3 which is a part of the AWS cloud solutions offered by Amazon. With Amazon S3, businesses can have uninterrupted, effective and unparalleled connectivity irrespective of one’s location. It can currently store up to 5 Terabytes of computer files and offers best encrypted security. Nirvashare makes it easier to search for files in AWS S3.

Challenges faced while searching for files in AWS S3

Even though AWS S3 is a wonderful object storage service, it poses quite a challenge when it comes to searching for a particular file or object.

  • Metadata search – Unlike conventional file systems, searching  for a file or object based on its metadata is challenge.
  • Absence of Indexing – AWS S3 does not have any in built indexing options that can make search easier.
  • Limited search options – If you want to search for a particular object in AWS S3, you have to browse through all the folders which is time consuming and makes it difficult to search in a particular bucket or folder.
  • Access control – Limiting access and search capabilities to specific folders get complicated as it requires numerous permissions to manage access with specific users.

File search made easier with Nirvashare

NirvaShare is an enterprise level secure file sharing and access management solution which aims to make file searching easier on existing object storage such as AWS S3, Azure Blob etc. The platform can aid in efficiently sharing large files with secure access controls.

Along with file sharing, Nirvashare also has the capability to search for a file or an object in AWS S3 and thereby addresses the limitations involved in searching for a file in AWS S3. By using Nirvashare software, you can  search files or objects  located in any of the buckets quickly and efficiently on storage having several millions of files. In order to access this feature, customers have to make use of a feature called Index service in Nirvashare. Given below is a brief outline of steps which you can follow to start using Index service.

Steps for enabling Index service

To enable Index service, you have to

  • Login to Admin Console as super administrator.
  • Click on Settings from the left menu of Admin Console.
  • Look for Storage Search Service and edit the same.
  • Click on Enable and leave the random generated passphrase value to default.
  • Click on SAVE


  • Edit again and click on INDEX button.
  • Select the root container or bucket from the drop down list and click on START
  • This will take few minutes to index depending on the number of files present in the container or bucket.
  • Please index all the container/buckets you intend to use with NirvaShare.
  • Click on STATUS to know the progress of the indexing.
  • After the indexing is completed, a notification is added in dashboard as well.

Search files using Index service

After the files are indexed and the index service is enabled, users from Admin Console and User app can search files based on name or pattern. The Search follows a wild card pattern and is not case sensitive. Below we have mentioned a few examples to make it easier for the user.

  • woo : Searches files whose name partly match to woo.
  • *.pdf:  Searches files whose extension ends with pdf.
  • n*.pdf: Searches files that has extension as pdf and filename starts with “n”

If you wish to search files in a specific folder, you should navigate to sub folders and perform the search. The resulting files will be those pertaining to the current folder and its sub folders.


Searching files in AWS S3 is no longer cumbersome or difficult. Nirvashare makes it easier to overcome this challenge in AWS S3 with its user friendly software which is very much useful for both large and small scale organizations.

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