Installation of NirvaShare on Linode

How to share and collaborate files from object storage on Linode Cloud

Share and collaborate files/folders of your existing Linode object storage with users such as customers, partners, employees, etc with fine access control. Easy integration with any of your existing identity providers such as Active Directory, Google Workspace, KeyClock, etc.
The FREE edition supports authentication such as Basic, Form, and OTP  while sharing files.

In this document, we will configure NirvaShare to create a simple form based authentication on top of Linode Object Storage to share with external users. Please follow this documentation to proceed.

Installation steps

Minimum system requirement – 2 GB RAM with 20 GB disk space.

After creating a NirvaShare One-Click install, wait for 5 – 8 minutes for the installation to complete. Access the application using Linode instance IP address as http://(instance IP address):8080 in a web browser.

If you are able to see a login screen, it indicates installation was successful.



After the installation is complete, make sure you are using the latest version. To upgrade to the latest version follow Upgrade Documentation

Storage Keys

As a prerequisite, you will require an access key and secret key obtained from Linode’s object storage. To generate new keys, please login to your console and follow the below steps.

  • Under the left menu, click on Object Storage.
  • Click on Create an Access Key at the right top corner and generate new keys.
  • This will generate a new Access key and Secret keys, please copy this and keep it aside,  as it will be required during storage configuration in NirvaShare Admin Console.


With the installation being ready, having both access and secret keys, the next step is to configure NirvaShare to point to your DigitalOcean Spaces Storage and share file/folder using a Form-based authentication.

Assuming, deployment was successful, please open the Admin Console URL  -> http://(your ip):8080


Login to admin console with default credentials as admin/admin . It is advisable to change the password after your first login. To change the password, please refer to the documentation Change Password. You can also create more than one admin user under Delegated Admin tab given full access to reset another admin user password. To reset forgotten password refer to Password Reset.

NOTE: Please note that the default in-built user store does not support password reset functionality for AdminConsole. For a proper production deployment, you can integrate with any of your identity stores such as keycloak, Active Directory, etc for better password management policy.

  • After login into the application, click on Settings at the left menu tab.
  • Click on edit File Storage, select a storage type as Linode Object Storage and provide your storage Access Key and Secret Key.
  • For regions, specify us-southeast-1, us-east-1, eu-central-1, ap-south-1
  • Save it.
  • Go to the next section, edit User Application URL and provide the user application URL as http://(instance ip):8081, and save it.
    Note – During production use, a proper domain with HTTPS is required here.
  • Other settings such as email, audit, etc can be configured later and is optional for now. For more detail, refer to Settings
setting linode storage settings

File Sharing with Form based Authentication

To Share a folder with form based Authentication, please refer to Setup Form based Authentication.