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Administrative Users and Roles

There can be one or more admin users and access rights for each admin user can be controlled using Roles. It is the role that defines what access rights the admin users have. Admin users are broadly classified into Super admin with full access and delegated admin with restrictive access.

Only super admin user can have access to this page for managing users and roles.


Administrative Users

In the administrative users tab you can see all existing users. To create a new admin click on Create button

Create new admin users

Username is a mandatory field and the value is unique across the system. During user creation, select a role that is appropriate and click on Create User. A password can be set to user after a user is created and from the user list page. In case if Admin Console is configured to use external IDP, then no need to set password to user and setting a password will not have any impact or used.

User can be edited at later stage to update role or other fields. Please note that, username cannot be changed once created. To change the username, user have to be deleted and recreated.

User can be disabled and by doing so, user will not be able to login to system.


There are two system roles that exists right after the installation called Super Admin Role and Default Role. Super Admin Role cannot be deleted or updated, whereas Default Role can be updated with access rights but cannot be deleted. Additionally, you can also create a custom role and assign to users. To create a new role, click Create Role.

Create New Role
  • Access Settings – In this the admin user can be given access to manage the audits, manage the login profiles, manage the shares and full access. Full access means, a super admin access.
  • Folder Access – Here the admin user can restrict or allow to delete, upload, create, download file and folder¬†
  • Root Folder Access – the Admin users can be given access to manage specific root folders, thereby only admin user will have access only those allowed root folders to perform administrative operations.

If you don’t set any folders, all root folders will be given access to the users belonging to this role.

Role can be edited to update other access privileges and once saved, it will affect all users assigned to this role. Role also can be disabled, to do so, it should not have any users assigned to it.