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One-time Password based Authentication (OTP)

In this document, we will look into how to create a login profile for One-time Password based authentication that will prompt for user to enter a legitimate email address while accessing the shares. A access token will be emailed to the user provided the user is entitled to access the share.

Login Profile

Follow the below steps to create a new OTP based login profile.

  • Click on Login Profiles from the left menu of Admin Console.
  • Click on CREATE button from the top right corner.
  • Provide a name for title.
  • For the Authentication, select One-time Password (OTP)
  • Provide one ore more email addresses separated by comma. These are the email addresses who are entitled to receive a OTP token while accessing the share.
  • Click on CREATE

Note – To restrict access to only certain white listed IP address or a range, please refer to Access Restriction with IP Address